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Never seen it | Meh | it’s okay | not my thing | Love it | my favorite | love this show more than anything

Favorite characters: 

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Least favorite moment: 

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must first week off work since last year, the weather has never been warmer. and im sat inside starting a walking dead marathon.

22 Reasons Why York Is The Greatest City In The North

why i live in one of the best places on earth.

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can can someone do a gif set request for me?

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holy crap. usa are gonna give me heart failure.

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guys get voting for your favourite walking dead pages.

Sometimes experiences we have just are not meant to be something permanent. Some experiences I had were just not meant to last.

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guys get voting for your favourite walking dead pages.

TWD MEME: [1/20] characters "Beth Greene"
just want to say i adore your page and voted for you in the blog award! bethyl for eeeeever!

aw hun, thank you!

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i know you look at me and you just see another dead girl.

I like seeing those two together. They’re not characters who you’d normally see or partner up together.” - Norman Reedus